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The SleepWeaver achieves a good seal and quiet operation using the properties of a balloon. When a balloon is inflated, all points inside the balloon are at the same pressure. This air pressure pushes the wall of the balloon until the tension in the wall of the balloon or something outside the balloon pushes back.

Product Features

  • The mask inflates like a balloon and softly conforms to any face creating an intimate seal
  • Sleep is possible in any position with this flexible fabric
  • The mask and headgear weigh 1.2 ounces altogether!
  • No rigid plastic clips, frames or buckles
  • No mask marks or pressure sores
  • Works on all pressures from 4cm-20cm
  • Easy to fit
  • Clean by hand or in the washing machine
  • Wear glasses while reading or watching TV
  • No silicone or latex to cause allergies

Intentional leak rate: 13 lpm @ 4 cm H20, 25 lpm @ 10 cm H20, 40 lpm @ 20 H20