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The SleepWeaver Advance Headgear is made of a fleece material to enhance comfort.  It comes in a standard one size that fits most headgear.

Product Features

  • Adjustment strap allows 4" of sizing on each side and the top allowing a broader fit for larger and smaller heads
  • The soft, yet durable forehead and neck piece material is designed to pull heat and moisture away from the skin keeping it dry
  • The attachment design provides a strong hold yet is easy to attach and remove
  • Soft cloth, easty to apply and fit, and comfortable throughtout the night
  • Sleep is possible in any position with this flexible fabric
  • The mask and headgear weigh 1.2 ounces altogether!
  • No rigid plastic clips, frames or buckles
  • No mask marks or pressure sores
  • Works on all pressures from 4cm-20cm
  • Easy to fit
  • Clean by hand or in the washing machine
  • Wear glasses while reading or watching TV
  • No silicone or latex to cause allergies

Intentional leak rate: 13 lpm @ 4 cm H20, 25 lpm @ 10 cm H20, 40 lpm @ 20 H20

(Mask not included)