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Boil & Fit Gel Cushion. The custom fit gel cushion increases comfort and reduces leaks and adapts for facial hair. Here's how it works: Just boil the mask for four minutes. Cool it for ten seconds in cold water, and then press it against your face. It will mold to every facial contour. If your facial features ever change due weight loss or gain, you can easily repeat the process and refit the mask.
Wide Variety of Sizes. Six sizes for more accurate fit and less leakage. When choosing a size in the Profile Lite, keep in mind that the size range is very wide, from petite to large. The large sizes are rarely used by anyone but very tall people, and even the medium can be too big for many men.
Gel Forehead Pad The Gel forehead pad helps relieve pressure at the nose bridge.
Note that 'extra small' is the youth size.