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The FullLife full-face mask was designed specifically to provide a practical option for those patients who need the performance of a full-face mask but prefer a more compact and less intrusive mask.
A revolutionary design makes FullLife a great choice for both men and women who need a full-face mask but prefer something more compact and less intrusive than other full-face masks. To accomplish that, we eliminated the conventional forehead pad and provided a clear sight line. To enhance comfort, we used a dual-textured cushion that aids with assembly and prevents mask movement on the face. A clever headgear design further improves mask fit while simplifying application and removal.
Product Features

  • Elimination of the forhead pad creates a clear line of vision.
  • Integreated exhalation port makes operation exceptionally quiet.
  • One faceplate fits all 3 cushions sizes (S,M,L)
  • Safety entertainment valve provides quick access to room air ir pressure is less than 3cm H2O.
  • Swivel quick-release tabs allow the hose to be easily disconnected.
  • Two 360° swivels allow tubing to move freely.
  • Braning and size indicators provide easy identification for patients and clinicians.
  • Chin shpport band ensures a secure fit and mask stability.
  • Step-bystep numbered headgear system makes set-up and use