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Each patient’s mouth is different. That is why ApneaRx comes in multiple sizes: standard and small. The size of the airway passage opening that causes both snoring and sleep apnea is affected by the forward movement of the jaw. ApneaRx is the only boil and bite device that can adjust the jaw in 1mm increments up to 10 mm (just like custom oral appliances) without the use of screws and plastic straps.
  • ·         Lower profile size for more comfort
  • ·         Multiple sizes – Standard and small
  • ·         Easily adjustable in 10 one millimeter increments
  • ·         More comfortable with thermal plastic moldable design
  • ·         Easy to use and fit in less than 10 minutes
  • ·         Opened in the front for more air flow and tongue movement
  • ·         FDA cleared for sleep apnea and snoring