About Us

Snoosz.com was founded by sleep specialists who recognize the value of  high-quality sleep products that support a good night’s sleep.    We provide products for healthy sleepers, those seeking to generally improve their sleep, and people with sleep disorders.   You can now purchase all of your sleep products online from knowledgeable medical professionals  who will help to ensure  that you enjoy the best sleep possible.   For people with sleep apnea, our team of board certified sleep specialists and respiratory therapists understand that every patient is unique, and we provide each person with the right equipment, products, and education needed to promote treatment compliance and positive health outcomes.

At Snoosz.com, we have carefully selected products for you that are the best and most affordable choices available. We welcome the opportunity to fill your order, and  we are happy to offer expert advice to help you select the products that are right for you.

We are not a warehouse that simply distributes sleep products.  We are doctors and sleep therapists who provide sleep therapy devices and products, product support, and clinical care.  We know the products and their applications because we are sleep specialists.  Our primary concern is your sleep health!

Snoosz.com sells products directly to patients who reside in the United States and not to other third parties or businesses.  We do not sell to patients outside of the United States.  Snoosz.com only sells new and unused products in their original packaging as received direct from the manufaturer.  We do not sell used or refurbished products.

The FDA requires that Snoosz.com obtains a valid prescription for Class II medical devices including flow generators, humidifiers, and masks.